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Loving Long Ears LOVES Our Volunteers!

A special type of person, with heart, vision and the desire to do something good without expecting anything in return.” Volunteers are the heart of Loving Long Ears (LLE). Whether you simply enjoy helping others, have a love of donkeys or are talented in other ways, we have a place for you! Volunteering at Loving Long Ears is more than donating time and service – it’s about donating love, compassion, and a willingness to play an active role in making a healing difference in the lives of children, adults and our rescue donkeys. Simply put, we would not exist without the dedication, loyalty, and hard work of our Volunteers. There are many individual reasons why people volunteer at Loving Long Ears, but all provide the chance to join a thriving, nurturing community!

There Are Many Ways to Volunteer at Loving Long Ears!

The first step to becoming an individual volunteer is to attend one of our one-hour volunteer orientations, where you’ll learn about Loving Long Ears and the volunteer opportunities we offer. No donkey experience is required!  Contact our office at 214-991-0797 or email for more information.

Daily Barn Volunteering

Help feed the donkeys, clean paddocks, and fulfill a variety of other barn tasks. Barn Team volunteers commit to at least one weekly shift, Monday-Saturday (am and pm) shifts range from 1.5 to 2 hours in length.  Daily barn volunteering / donkey is very physical, and we have a minimum age requirement of 16+ and the ability to pull 40 lbs. You will meet new friends and & The workout is more fun & rewarding than going to the gym!

Special Holiday Events

Loving Long Ears hosts special holiday events throughout the year, and we can use volunteers to help with greeting & checking guests in, raffle tables, snack stations, etc.

Office Support & Marketing

If helping at the barn isn’t your thing, we need your help with ongoing fundraising efforts, computer design work, creating special events, grant research and writing, photography and video, whatever your skills and interests, we need your expertise! 

Donkey Assisted Therapists

The therapist is responsible for direct treatment of patients (primarily pediatric but also adult), with a wide range of diagnoses.  This person will be responsible for the evaluation of the patient and the implementation of the therapy treatment plan utilizing equine movement as a treatment tool. The therapist will also be responsible for appropriate communication (verbal & written) with family members and staff members. The therapist will operate under minimal supervision with considerable latitude for independent judgment and actions in assigned therapy treatment and patient matters. To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Your fees are covered by our clients.

Loving Long Ears Volunteer Testimonials

Working with Jules and the LLEs has been a life changing journey for me. Jules is an unbelievably honest and loving person and I appreciate the opportunity to help where needed with therapy and taking care of all the donkeys. Love them all and wouldn’t trade it for the world!
Kellie M
When we had to say goodbye to our beloved 14-year-old Labrador due to cancer the void left was the size of Texas. One day, as I was reading the local paper, I spotted a great opportunity. To volunteer at Loving Long Ears and bond with the donkeys. These kind and wonderful animals have given me a new purpose in life! I've gotten to know all the donkeys and their unique personalities as well as fellow volunteers. What a great way to spend the morning and get a little exercise in too!
Nancy C
Eighteen months ago, I moved to the Dallas area. Starting over in a new city was very difficult for me. I started volunteering at Loving Long Ears and it changed my life. Jules and the volunteers became my new friend/support group. And of course, the donkeys always bring a smile to your face!
Suanne H
I have been volunteering at Loving Long Ears since December 2022 and the organization is nothing short of five stars. The amount of compassion and work that is done on a daily basis by volunteers and Jules Peterson is incredible. Knowing the donkeys provide comfort and therapy to those in need is why I love being a part.
Karen F
The Loving Long Ears have come to mean so much to our family, as have Jules and Rick! The donkeys are a joy and being so much happiness - their personalities and sweetness are amazing. They just seem to know how you are feeling and are just there to be your buddies. Our lives get so busy but we are lucky to be able to drive by the LLE several times a day and to call out to them and to see them or just to say “Good Night”. What Jules and these incredible animals provide is something very special. Donkeys rule!
From the Garde Family
Loving Long Ears is such a special place! Interacting with the donkeys provides a connection unique to understanding their own personalities. I’m truly blessed knowing I am a part of LLE in helping the donkeys be able to help others. I love everything that this organization is about and stands for. LLE has touched many people and will continue to touch others. These donkeys are incredibly special and I am so grateful to be able to work with them and Jules.
Kaileigh Wallace
LLE is an extraordinary nonprofit that has such an important and heartwarming mission. LLE provides the ability for volunteers and donors to care for the donkeys, and to learn about their incredible and impressive traits that benefit humans and societies. Donkeys are such special animals - after visiting for an hour, all volunteers can agree that your spirits will be lifted, and you will have created amazing memories (and will be even more motivated to make the donkeys your best friends!) Jules and the LLE community are inspirational individuals who truly go above and beyond to make a difference in the world.
Samantha & Jeff
I have been a Loving Long Ears volunteer approaching 3 years now supporting the LLE with my Time and support where needed. I call this my Happy Place spending time with all the LLE Donkeys especially when I get to play Santa Claus at the Christmas Events. These loving animals are one of a kind and can offer so much love and gratitude for giving them a second life and happy life. Seeing the joy and commitment given by Jules Peterson, Founder totally amazes me with her commitment both financially and time. Jules support and dedication to this foundation is over the top. We appreciate everyone that gives their time and support in any way possible. These animals deserve our total commitment to survive and grow. For that, they give back 3 x what we could ever offer.
Scott B
I've been an LLE volunteer since 2020, and I wish I had started sooner! These donkeys and Jules are the high point of my days. Getting to know the personalities of each, learning how to interact with them on their terms, and falling in love with their gentle goodness is great for mental and physical health. Once you've had a Buffy kiss, you will not be able to resist! The newer mammoths, Bud and Daisy will adopt you quickly and you will marvel at the giants' ability to calm you and give a respite from whatever is going on in your life. Seeing these donkeys behave with children, elders, and special needs folks will touch your heart in new ways. The events where Jules dresses them in a theme are so much fun and it's a delight to participate. I urge anyone who has a love of animals to visit and volunteer if you have a desire to spend time with these amazing creatures. If you've never been with donkeys, you're in for a treat. Oh, and Jules is really special too. She has a big heart and you'll be impressed by her dedication to the LLEs.
Terri -- well, one of them 🙂
When my wife ( the 2nd of the 3 Teri, Terri and Terry’s) asked me to help her at the barn one day I declined and said that’s more of a you thing. She asked again a few weeks later saying she didn’t have help that morning and I said ok, not knowing my retired free time was about to be consumed with the most amazing rescuer (Jules) and the most amazing animals (The Long Ears)I had ever been around! I started being a regular around the barn and love every minute of it. I wouldn’t trade my long ears time for anything and I highly recommend volunteering with these amazing creatures!!!
I’ve been volunteering at Loving Long Ears for a couple of years now and I enjoy it so much! The owner Jules has taught me so much. She is so loving and caring to the donkeys and it’s a beautiful sight to see. Donkeys are so sweet and fun to be around. The love we get back from the long ears is heartwarming. They bring such joy and laughter to everyone they have the pleasure to interact with.
Teri F
In 2022, I experienced deep grief and PTSD. I saw a post about LLE needing volunteers and I thought it sounded interesting. From day one I was in love. Jules was so welcoming and kind and then I started meeting the donkeys. They are such amazing and therapeutic animals. They truly sensed my pain and I was adopted by Daisy immediately. All the donkeys have their own unique charm and personalities. One minute they are quiet and still and the next they are like crazy 3-year-old kids at the playground. The other volunteers are all lovely and kind. There is a comradely at LLE that you don't often find. I am so happy to be with Jules and the donkeys. I love volunteering at LLE.
Denise P

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