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Our Mission

Loving Long Ears and love started our mission. Jules Peterson began this mission in 2017 with her first two donkeys Miss Taco & Belle with a desire for donkeys to help heal humans and for humans to heal rescued donkeys. Loving Long Ears Donkey Therapy & Sanctuary Inc.(TM) was founded as a 501 c 3 nonprofit charity in 2019 and moved to its current temporary location in Southlake Tx. She began rescuing more donkeys and training them as Therapy Donkeys, while creating the long ears family you will find on our website today.

A new Beginning
for our Donkeys

Loving Long Ears is the new beginning for donkeys who have been neglected, abused, surrendered by their owners or saved from going to slaughter and need a good, loving forever home. Too often they come to us broken in spirit and without a safe home or grieving the loss of their human partner and longtime home. They also come to us ill or physically broken down. The story is repeated time and again. With our hard work, your generosity, and a loving new home they can once again be healthy donkeys that are filled with life and promise.

Then comes that amazing part of our work. We invest large amounts of our time, our hearts and money rehabilitating each donkey that finds its way to our Non-Profit. We provide them with the care, medicine, nutrition, proper feeding, training, and love that brings them back to a full and productive life. The true magic happens when we help these donkeys become Therapy Donkeys!

To accomplish our mission, we rely on donations from you. To get the work done, we rely on volunteers who give their time and energy. Together we make a difference with the Loving Long Ears sharing their therapeutic abilities and delight to support children & adults. We are now beginning to prepare for a near future move to a larger facility that better supports the donkey’s needs and our broader mission.

A LOT has gone into Loving Long Ears in the last few years, and we are incredibly overwhelmed by the support that’s allowed our dreams to start flourishing. We love sharing our donkey family and encourage you to donate, volunteer and/or visit to support these amazing animals. Thank you for your interest & support of Loving Long Ears Donkeys.

Jules Peterson, Founder & Director

My purpose is to partner animals (Donkey’s) and humans with healing for both! From my Love of Donkeys & Healing the Human Spirit, this has been a long-time dream in the making. We work with Children, Veterans, First Responders & Other Adults to create a synergy between donkeys and humans that inspires and heals.

Our purpose is to brighten someone’s day or facilitate one’s future. Donkeys are natural at expecting and modeling behavior which aids in communicating wellness skills to clients. We mainly rescue donkeys on their way to slaughter or from abuse or neglect and provide the love, care, and training to rehabilitate and train them for Donkey-Assisted Activities and Therapies. Rescued Donkeys not suitable for Donkey-Assisted Activities are given a forever home in our Sanctuary. Rescue Donkeys are probably some of life’s best teachers.

Their love and loyalty are probably the greatest creator of human emotions, and they show us how to love unconditionally, slow down, appreciate the simple things, and learn to trust again… even after terrible hurt. Where we live is a much happier place because of them! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! * We rely 100% on Donations to Help us pay for Food, Vet Needs, Rehabilitation, on-going expansion of our facility, and Provide the Love, Care and Training They Have Never Known. ~ Thank You & Blessings!

Saving one donkey won’t change the world… but it will change the world for that one donkey! Give today and you will surely be making a difference in the life of a donkey!


Donkeys do not feed on idealized expectations of humans; it accepts them for what they are and not for what they should be. Donkey-Assisted Therapy is a therapeutic, educational, or preventive accompaniment practice, often with a qualified professional connecting the human and the donkey. Donkey Assisted Therapy is a complement to the intervention of professionals in therapeutic or social care. It can also be recreational and fun. Medical treatment, food, shelter, and all the love we can provide.

Your general donations go directly to our rescue donkey’s continued care. Because of you, we can continue to serve others, spread more smiles, and offer a sense of hope to members of our community. So, we ask for your help. We ask that you consider giving to Loving Long Ears in whatever way you can. Whether small or large, your donations make a difference to patients and families who find hope and healing with our Loving Donkeys.

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