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Welcome to Loving Long Ears Donkey Therapy & Sanctuary, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Southlake TX, serving North Texas and the Southwest. We greatly appreciate your interest in our mission! Love fuels Loving Long Ears and love started our mission.

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Saving one donkey won’t change the world… but it will change the world for that one donkey!
Give today and you will surely be making a difference in the life of a donkey.
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Affection is Responsible For Nine-Tenths of the Happiness in our Lives!

Loving Long Ears has brought so much joy to our family. We live fairly close and go by several times a day - makes us so happy to see the girls (and boy - don't forget about Buzz!). We volunteer when we can - Jules and Rick are amazing people and their love and dedication to their animals is inspiring. When we can be with the donkeys, it is such a treat - they all have their own personalities and it is hard to pick a favorite! We hope we can continue to be with the Loving Long Ears and continue to support them for years to come.
So much Love!
- Danielle Garde
Love Jules, the owner. She is extremely compassionate and caring of her donkeys. She keeps the grounds in tip top shape and works hard to keep the donkeys very healthy. She truly enjoys sharing them with others and loves seeing people interact with them, and imparts a lot of good information about them. If you want your day brightened, please give LLE a visit. You won't regret it!
- Kellie Monier
Loving Long Ears is a non profit organization aimed at rehabilitating Donkeys and training them for important and enjoyable tasks like serving kids and the community. The impact Loving Long Ears makes on the community through their efforts to save animals that are misunderstood,neglected, and even abused,is truly wonderful. I am happy to say that I’ve had an amazing experience visiting Loving Long Ears and meeting friendly Jules, and the great work that she has done. I hope to visit again soon.
Such an Impact!
- Ayeesha Siddiqui
This sanctuary is one of the most adorable places. The donkeys bring fun and joy to anyone who wants to visit. Animals have an amazing way of taking you out of the humdrum of life and are always happy to get a pat or a hug. Jules, the owner, is a dedicated, professional who takes the utmost care of her beloved donkeys.
- Linda Schelling
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Take part in helping us with the next facility expansion phase! Loving Long Ears Donkey Therapy & Sanctuary, Inc.
Donated or funding for land and a constructed or renovated facility to become the Loving Long Ears new home. We need to build the necessary infrastructure and requirements. Please consider donating to our exciting growth!
“It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to do something where animals are healing people and people are healing animals,” That’s why I only choose rescue donkeys, because the people are also healing the donkeys. The people have a story they’re overcoming, [and] so do the donkeys; that’s where the synergy comes from.”
- Jules Peterson